Hercules WHITE RUM

Hercules WHITE RUM

Alcohol Content: 42.8%.

Hercules WHITE RUM

If white rum is the range in cocktail circuits, special white rum is unquestionably its regaining spirit. This mix n' match wonder is the ideal base for a whole range of classic cocktails and inspiration for new creations. Unbeatable for its smoothness and mild aroma


An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol, commonly known as alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are divided into three general classes: beers, wines and spirits. Today, Indian beer is brewed at various places in the country and is mainly top-fermented. Indian rums have developed a reputation for smoothness and flavors.

The demand of India's Alcoholic Beverages products like Beer Made from Malt, Wine, White Wine, Other Wine Included Grapes, Other Alcoholic Beverages, Brandy, Whiskies, Rum, gin and other Gin etc. has increased in global market. India is the third largest market for alcoholic beverages in the world.

In keeping with the 3600 business model, Cassanova Distilleries has decided to expand its reach to international regions and forayed into exports of various liquor products in upcoming financial years. Leveraging its strong reputation as a quality manufacturer and supplier in the domestic market, Cassanova Distilleries is now trying to build a solid client base spread across countries in Middle East, Africa and Europe. Cassanova Distilleries can provide end-to-end export services to customers from identification of sources to loading of products.

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K J B Sacariah +48 729 537646

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Nijil Raj P K +91 9986 974593

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+91 7204 387000, +91 9061 222210


In the past decade, bilateral international trade grew by nearly eight times. In the present scenario. We are up for all kind mutually beneficial tie ups.

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From the first case to the successful launch of the latest product, Cassanova Distilleries has always maintained the highest standards in quality all along. This single-minded focus and an exceptionally talented and hardworking team eventually led Cassanova Distilleries to the realization of many a milestone. Consistent quality both in terms of product offering as well as packaging has been instrumental in building strong consumer equity for our brands. Ourexhaustive ranges of brands are the key growth drivers and comprise Whisky, Brandy, and Rum.

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